Vegan Look: A Faux Suede Shirt

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hi guys!

As you know already, I've really been enjoying my beloved Urban Outfitters bag and Bourgeois Boheme Olivia's for a little while now. But I've also enjoyed cleaning up my closet and finding little gems, like this faux suede shirt for instance!

Lately I have been trying to clean up my closet more and more, as well as start shopping more consciously. You know I have a little 'SHOP' section at the top of my blog, if you want to buy any items I have ever worn, but I also think it's great to recycle wha we already have and try to make some good use out of it. When it comes to this shirt, however, I had forgotten I had it, and I actually quite like it! It's from H&M, and I bought it four years ago I believe. So what is more eco-friendly than that? I love how it's faux suede to begin with, but also its camel colour.

Paired with a simple white cotton t-shirt and some skinny black jeans from Topshop, I am also carrying my hold-all from Urban Outfitters, that I showed you in this post. It was quite a busy day walking to places, so I love being able to dump all my stuff in the bag for a long day.

Finally, these gorgeous shoes from Bourgeois Boheme have already been featured in previous posts (click here and here), but I just can't believe how comfortable, sleek and beautiful the Olivia model is. Bourgeois Boheme's shoes are made with innovative microfibre PU vegan leather and seed-based biopolyoil linings. Handmade with love in Portugal, these beauties are the epitome of eco-chic and wonderfully designed.


With love,

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