Beyond Skin: My Vegan Shoe Wishlist

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Cara Black Flat Court Shoes, from Beyond Skin

Hi guys!
Recently I have been obsessed with renewing my wardrobe with vegan only shoes, and if you have been here for a while, you will have noticed that I have been slightly obsessed with Bourgeois Boheme for a couple of months (click here, and here for outfit posts).

However, another brand I have been very excited to discover is Beyond Skin.
Before we actually get on with the actual wishlist, did you know that a shoe-maker in India earns 10p from stitching a pair of trainers you buy for £100? The shoe industry operates in secrecy, with a lack of transparency and thus allowing worker's right abuses to continue unchecked. Shoe production is a growing global industry, and 87% of shoes are made in Asia*.

Systemic human rights abuses pervade the global shoe industry: from poverty pay, long working hours and denial of trade union rights, to significant risks to workers' health and the environment through harmful chemical and dyes.

The main ecological problem of leather (as well as the ethical problem behind) is the use of toxins in tanneries, of which chromium is the most dangerous. This highly toxic chemical is the result of the tanning process of raw hides conducted without proper regulations, and hence harming the environment and causing great impact on human health.

On my side, in a genuine effort to dress more ethically and sustainably every day, I stumbled across this wonderful British brand that offers gorgeous, luxuriousvegan and eco-friendly shoes. And let me tell you, I instantly connected.

Beyond Skin is an ethical footwear label, that is passionate about creating luxury shoes where no humans, animals, or children were harmed in making vegan shoes.

In fact, Natalie Portman wore Beyond Skin shoes at the Golden Globes, Oscars and even in the V for Vendetta movie. This helped Beyond Skin to gain momentum and recognition with the media, allowing Beyond Skin to appear in Vogue, Elle, Grazia and many more magazines!

All of the shoes are made in Alicante, Spain (my beloved homeland), respecting ethical shoe-production at all levels. Beyond Skin makes efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, and give 1% of the profits to grass-root environmental and social projects.

So let's now talk about some fashionable and ethical shoes shall we? Let's put a guilt-free feeling when drooling over these beauties. I have selected my favourite shoes that I would absolutely love to have in my closet (so hey, Beyond Skin, if you're reading this, please feel free to be generous with me!)

Even though I do love my almond and round toes, I do like a pointed toe from time to time. And these ones, with the straps, are absolutely adorable! I haven't found many similar pictures, but I would totally wear these with raw hem jeans, or even a preppy floral dress. Totally Alexa Chung.

As you may have noticed, I'm definitely a flat-shoe kind of girl, so I love to add a little punch to my outfits sometimes by adding some metallics. Silver is definitely my fave, and even though I already own a pair from Zara, they are old and need replacement. These are perfect with white, total black or a straight. Or jeans!

Here is one of my all-time favourite it-girls,  the French beauty Clémence Poésy, rocking her Monk Shoes like a queen. I would totally wear each and every one of these outfits!

I don't own many pairs of high heels, simply because I'm always on the go and walking here and there all the time. However, I do need a nice vegan pair, and these faux suede stilettos would definitely last me a really long time. For going out or for special events, I do think all girls should have one pair of black stilettos!

I actually found Beyond Skin thanks to this model. I am selling the pair of shoes in the middle right here, because they are made of leather. But I still love the look of these in these outfits below. What do you think?

Which one is your favourite? Don't hesitate to tell me in the comments, I'd love to know!

With love,
Information from Labour Behind the Label
Pictures from Pinterest. Followe me at Marta Canga !


  1. ohh los salones negros son lo mas!!

    1. Verdad que sí??
      A mí me gustan todos obviamente, pero unos salones negros son un must!
      Un beso fuerte x

  2. Great post and great selection of vegan shoes. Those ballet flats are really cute. 😍

    1. Thanks Brian! I love every single pair I've posted here, but who would've thought you could find such cute vegan shoes huh?