How Alixane Became My Favourite New Vegan Bag Company

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been keeping well. Today I am back to talk about a vegan and eco-friendly bag company that has been on my radar for such a long time! I’m so excited to say you are now able to get hold of their beautiful handbags.

As you already know, writing about vegan and sustainable brands is one of my top passions in life, to make sure people find new ethical brands they can fall in love with and support.

About the Brand

Alixane is a high-end, luxury and Paris-based company that produces beautiful cruelty-free bags and accessories for every day life. Alixane represents the desire to offer ethical and high quality products made with innovative materials that respect the animals and environment equally.

The founder, Alice Roux, created this company with the aim to keep alive a small city in Romania, Sibiu (Transylvania) in a trip she did in 2016. She discovered a small, high quality leather goods manufacturer who was about to close down, due to companies looking for lower cost suppliers.

Because of her interest in also offering more eco-friendly materials than leather, it took her more than a year to find the right materials to create these beautiful bags. So you can think of Alixane of a cruelty-free brand who invested beautifully in a small, ethical workshop in a bid to keep the accessory craftsmanship and skill alive.

On their website, you will find models that are perfect for the young, modern, conscious woman. What’s fascinating about them is that by choosing this atelier, the bags will always be done ethically, will keep their high quality, they are priced fairly for all and there are no third parties in the selling process.

4 Reasons Why I Love Alixane

They are Leather and Animal-Free

This is a topic I have talked about in many of my articles already, such as : 3 Reasons Why You Should Give Up On Leather as well as 5 Cruelty-Free Alternatives You Should Know About.

But if you’re new around here, let me explain why I said no to leather and yes to vegan leather. 

Animals are at the forefront of the leather industry because it is indeed their skin that we are talking about after all! We often tend to think that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. However the reality is not that simple. Leather is not a byproduct but a co-product just as important as the meat industry.

Every year, 1 billion animals are raised and killed just for their skin. Victims of intensive breeding, they are the object of terrible suffering.

Buying leather means supporting intensive breeding. A lot of the world’s leather comes from developing countries like India or China, countries that are well-known for lack animal welfare and inexistent laws in that field.

What is more, 20% of these animals are fed with 49% of the world’s corn and 90% of the soybeans. Meaning, that world hunger would be cut down considerably if we stopped consuming so many animal products.

Alixane makes stunning, cruelty-free bags and that’s why I love them! They make 100% vegan accessories meaning that all the models are leather-free and free of animal suffering. I am wearing the Venezia bag, which is made with ‘Laysuede’, a high quality synthetic suede also called ‘microfiber’. It’s soft and velvety, originally from Italy, and it honestly feels like real leather! It is also very durable and is water and stain-resistant.

Alixane is Eco-Friendly

Needless to say that apart from hurting and slaughtering the animals in no-way humane, the  breeding and consequential manufacturing of leather takes enormous amounts of energy, water, and land. Apart from the heavy chemicals used for processing the leather which take up so much water, the intense modification of the animal skins is also heavily polluting.

The intensive reading of animals, whether it’s for meat or leather, is responsible for 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions – which is more than the transport industry – and also deforestation. At an industrial scale, massive animal breeding is highly polluting. Whether it’s the ground, animal waste, antibiotics, hormones, chemical products, but also fertilisers, nature is highly affected by this industry.

1 kg of leather can have an environmental impact 20 times bigger to those needed to produce 1 kg of synthetic materials such as polyester! 

Alixane is committed to using recycled fabrics for the lining, as well as recycled microfibers (used bottles) for their smooth-looking bags. They are designed to last a lifetime and committed to only using sustainable materials.

They respect their workers

Equally, leather tanning has a horrible impact on worker’s health. Leather tanning is a process that allows animal skin to become waterproof. However this process is highly polluting and puts the worker’s health in danger.

Toxic waste is directly poured onto rivers and, as a consequence, waters are a source of numerous diseases to the inhabitants of the regions depending on this tanning business: for instance Dacha in Bangladesh.

These toxic chemical components are not biodegradable either. Chromium can become even more toxic! In fact, many shoes in the world contain toxic chromium.

Almost 90% of the leather used around the world is produced by chrome tanning, a heavy chemical treatment often carried out in precarious conditions with severe consequences for the tanners’ health

So by avoiding leather tanning, Alixane offers its workers a safe environment, which is something I totally respect. At the same time, having chosen a local factory in Romania allows the business to offer fair wages and recognises the know-how of the craftsmen.

Stylish Designs

With neutral colours ranging from black, camel, brown and red, the entire range has been designed for conscious women who want to remain stylish and fashionable.

Alixane is a first collection of signature accessories combined with more eclectic capsule collections to be discovered with the future seasons! You can also find beautiful gold jewellery pieces that match most of the handbags.

Here at team Marta Canga we care about the environment. And so does Alixane! As citizens of the world living in 2017, we are responsible for choosing products that have a good impact on this planet. We cannot be perfect, but Alixane offers a wonderful alternative to the nasty leather industry that we long said goodbye to.

As you may know already, “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want” – by Anna Lappe. So we are extremely happy to see a fellow European brand that shares our values in being environmentally friendly, whilst remaining desirable and equally super stylish.

And you? Are you looking for any kind of specific vegan and eco-friendly bags at the moment ? If so, I’d like to know!








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Photography by Alessia Chinazzo and Alexa Mitiner

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