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Hey guys! I know it’s been a little while, sorry I have been missing a little bit. Changing platforms has been absolutely crazy for the past couple of weeks and finding good quality photographers has been manic as well!
Recently I have been enjoying discovering a lot of vegan shoe companies thanks to Instagram. I have already talked about a couple of brand here and here but thankfully today I have another outfit with a brand I discovered recently, which is  Scotti Vegan Shoes.
1. About Scotti’s Vegan Shoes

The owner of the brand is called Enrico, but people call him Chicco. Turns out, that “Chicco” also means seed in Italian, hence the idea of being born and reborn. Just like a continuous life cycle of offering a flower and bearing fruits, over and over again. You will see a seed in the logo!

Enrico’s shoes are a line of cruelty-free shoes, that respect the work of the artisans and using low environmental impact materials. They pride in having the most updated rules and certifications on environmental impact, and in having received the PETA ‘Certified Vegan’ mark.
For the most exciting part, this year they produced antibacterial and breathable inner linings, made of a skin effect microfiber produced with Bio-polioils, so polymers deriving from natural renewable sources such as cereals and vegetable seeds. How cool?!
These come from NO FOOD agriculture crops with a production process of zero CO2 emissions. Everything is made in 100% made in Italy. And last but not least, the shoes boxes are 99% made of recycled paper.
2. The Mome Model
I had the chance to receive these absolutely beautiful vegan shoes back in May, and so I can give you an honest opinion about them. These rose gold shoes are the Mome model, which I really like for spring and summer. However, if you’re thinking of purchasing one, make sure you pick a size down from your usual! I’m normally a size 4 but I went for size 3, and it fits perfectly.
In terms of comfort, I love flat shoes so I did the right choice in picking this one. The sides or the back of the shoe don’t hurt either, which is something quite difficult to achieve if you wear leather-free shoes. These are extremely good quality. They are not smelly and super affordable. They are priced at 65,00€ but they are currently on sale for 59,00€! So grab them if you can.
As per the rest of the outfit I am wearing some white skinny jeans from Topshop, a green kimono from Pull&Bear I’ve had for two years. I’m also wearing a burnt orange shirt that I think matches the kimono perfectly! This is a great look for a cold summer day, just like the ones we are currently having in the UK at the moment.
Photography by Alexa Mitiner
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