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As you may have noticed from my stories and YouTube videos lately, I have been upping my game when it comes to workouts since January this year. To be precise, in October 2018 I signed up with ClassPass and since, my workout life has changed. From going to HiiT classes at Another Space, Spinning at Boom Cycle, Rowing at Grow, Barre at BarreCore, and Yoga at Yotopia, I have been on a journey for the last couple of months to not only feel good physically but also mentally.

So many of you have been asking me about my workout regime, but most importantly about sustainable activewear to match those sweaty classes! And one of the things that has made me even happier than working out is wearing new sustainable activewear. Today, I wanted to talk about a brand that really stood out for me: Asquith.

Who is Asquith

Asquith is a British ethical and sustainable sportswear brand that offers beautiful, breathable clothing for women.

I reached out to try their bamboo clothing and soft yoga clothes and I have been so pleasantly surprised I have a lot of positive things to say about them!

Why They Are Different

Super Soft & Comfortable

Their fabrics have the ‘feel me’ factor. They’re unbelievably soft to the touch and fit like a second skin. I have been loving the new bits I received, and I think that once you touch them and feel how soft and comfy they are, you probably won’t go back to chemical-laden, synthetic activewear!

Exceptional Eco-Fabrics

Their collections are made with sustainable bamboo viscose and their trademarked performance fabric, Bambor. They are sweat-wicking, naturally breathable and don’t fade, stretch or bobble. As a rule, bamboo is a better alternative to synthetics like polyester and nylon (often used in activewear) as it is naturally breathable, moisture wicking and has a low thermal conductivity (so you feel cooler for longer).

From Street to Studio

Established in 2002, Asquith is an original athleisure brand designing activewear to live in. Their collections enhance Yoga and Pilates practice but are also classic and elegant enough to wear everyday. Ethically made in Europe with sustainable, breathable and hard-wearing bamboo and organic cotton fabrics, the motto of this company is ‘Inspired by nature, designed for life‘. Love that!

Activewear With A Conscience

All the Asquith yoga and Pilates clothes collections are made in a wonderful, family-run factory in sunny southern Turkey. Employees enjoy a 9-5 day and have also got paid holiday. I’m so glad to be supporting a company that does not compromise on people or the planet for profit!

What I got to try

As I was saying previously, I had the opportunity to try some of their pieces and I wanted to share my opinion with you!

Balance Bra Top

I will go ahead and start with my favourite piece! In terms of all of the bamboo yoga clothing I received, the Balance Bra Top was my favourite for many reasons. I loved the support, the colour and the fit it gave me. I used it in a spinning and HIIT class and I found that even through my sweat, it still remained breathable, and it was easy to remove after the workout so it also stretched nicely! It is made from 60% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton, 10% and Elastane

Move It Leggings

These soft yoga leggings I have found to be great for light to moderate exercise. Think yoga, pilates or Barre! In terms of other kind of more intense exercise I haven’t tried them yet but I have a feeling they might be a bit transparent with a lot of sweat or that I may stain them whenever I go down on the floor for a burpee! If you are a petite woman like myself (5″2′ or 161cm) then you may find these a bit long, and a little bit transparent too, but they are gorgeous ! They are made with 60% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton, and 10% Elastane.

Go To Pants

These soft yoga pants have been my new, amazing PJs that I just adore! I was looking for comfortable, ethically made and sustainable trousers to wear either on top of leggings or just to be around the house, and these have won! I think they are also amazing if you are in a long haul flight too 🙂 They are made from 95% Bamboo and 5% Elastane.

Long Sleeve Batwing

This organic yoga crop top is made up of the same fabric as the pants, making it also breathable, chemical free, stretch, durable, responsibly made and sustainable. This top is made from 95% Bamboo and 5% Elastane. It has now become my new PJ top, I love it!


With these Oeko-Tex certified, responsibly and sustainably made clothes, there is no excuse to purchase from the high street! I cannot wait to try more of their clothes and slowly replace all of the non-breathable things I have with this beautiful, supportive yoga clothing.

And you? Have you ever tried Asquith?

With love,


This article has been kindly sponsored by Asquith. All opinions are my own.

Photography: Robyn Greenland