Sustainable Underwear with DORINA

Hello everyone! Today I’m here to talk about a topic that has been requested but I never really delved into too much detail, and that is sustainable underwear!

This post has kindly been sponsored by leading sustainable lingerie brand DORINA.

Let’s talk Underwear

Hands up, who’s found it difficult to find good, ethically-made lingerie and underwear? Yeah, me too. My collection started slow, with a few very boring black and white underwear sets in sustainable fabrics, but thankfully the number of ethical undie makers has grown, and I’m excited to tell you more about why I have really been loving DORINA lately!

Remember it’s easier to make an ethical T-Shirt than it is to create a more complex piece, like a bra. If you think about it, a bra is actually quite technical! You’ve got to think about the fabric, the elastic, the clasps, the straps, the cups… Oh and the fit!

And before I delve into this topic, while I tend to be quite a private person when it comes to showing my skin, and today I’m proud to have dared to showing a bit more in this blog post. I hope you appreciate this!


DORINA is a design house for women seeking fashionable & quality lingerie, swim, and lounge since Germany 1968.

I love that 99% of their products are OEKO-TEX® certified and that they have high-quality materials that are meant to last a lifetime. In case you have never heard about it. OEKO-TEX® is a European standard which tests all parts of a garment for harmful materials. That’s how you know it is safe!

Finally, DORINA designs for real women, providing a broad range of sizes & shapes, keeping prices affordable, which is very important when switching to a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

In this article, I give special attention to DORINA’s new SS20 Collection, which is heavily focused on using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Everything comes in recyclable packaging and hangers, biodegradable polybags, and 100% of the pieces come in eco packaging.

The three main eco-friendly materials that they use in their ECO products are:

  • Organic Cotton: which is OEKO-TEX® and OCS certified (read more about Organic Cotton right here). But basically, organic cotton is a great fabric, which is better for the farmers, the environment and the consumer. Organic cotton farming and processing avoids genetically modified seed, the burden of hazardous pesticides, reuse 98% of the water and helps to combat climate change. Most dermatologists recommend underwear made with cotton because perspiration is healthier for the skin.
  • Regenerated Microfibre: which is GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard). GRS indicates the use of recycled materials in any products, including verification that the material is truly recycled. GRS does not permit chemicals identified as toxic in production.
  • Bluesign® Lace: This lace reduces the environmental impact through lower water and energy emission, as well as better manufacturing processes.

It is also worth mentioning that DORINA is also rapidly increasing the use of eco-friendly fibres in the rest of its collections, and use only 100% sustainable packaging with no virgin plastic and paper from SS20. And remember: choose quality over quantity. Quality is the golden rule of sustainable fashion. Good quality is expensive but worthwhile in the long term. While expensive brands do not necessarily guarantee great quality, a cheap price tends to be a sign of low quality. So be ready to spend a little bit more, but it will be worth it!

DORINA Goes Green

Monsoon – SS20 Lingerie

Today I’m giving particular attention to the ECO productions in the SS20 collection. Inspired by the heart of the Amazon, you will find fun, leafy prints and bold colours, such as hibiscus-inspired lace, sweet embellishments and graphic mesh.

Kendall Bra and Knickers

With a deep, cobalt blue, I chose the Kendall set which is perfect for everyday wear. It is made with recycled deep blue microfibre, with sustainable Bluesign® lace used very delicately across both pieces.

This set has been made with recycled PET, including recycled polyester and recycled nylon from plastic bottles and fishing nets!

What’s great about this is the fact that they are GRS certified fabrics, it reduces plastics going to landfill, minimises water and energy use, and has a lower CO2 impact than virgin plastic. I found this set very comfortable and perfect for everyday wear, you couldn’t tell anything is recycled and it fits very nicely! The bra has slight padding so I would recommend you check your size before you go for this model.


Next up, I really enjoyed this bra, with a bold palm and floral print in recycled microfibre. It also has a lovely blue lace across the cups, making it perfect to spice up boring winter days!

It is also worth mentioning that DORINA also makes incredible swimwear that is also eco-friendly, check them out over here too!


DORINA has recently started its journey into sustainability by bringing a greater focus to recycling and raising environmental awareness via their beautiful pieces of underwear.

I love the idea of developing and using regenerated fabrics, organic produced cotton and laces that are less impactful on our planet. They are also introducing new models made with these eco-friendly fibres too – check them out here!

DORINA is available in major online retailers such as ASOS, Zalando and Amazon, making the switch to sustainable fashion even easier!

In conclusion, I think this is an inspirational brand that has great body diversity on their website but also by offering sustainable choices that are environmentally-friendly, but also so necessary in this day and age. I look forward to seeing what’s next!

And remember! Before throwing any of your old underwear away, remember to dispose of your clothes responsibly! (check recyclenow if you live in the UK).

With love,