The Sustainable Lifestyle Awards

What are The Sustainable Lifestyle Awards?

Whether you’re new to sustainable living or a seasoned pro, The Sustainable Lifestyle Awards will have something for everyone. Personal Stylist and Content Creator at Style The Sustainable Rachel Fortune, launched these awards back in June 2019, and her idea was to help people make better choices in their day to day life. Having had some press coverage already, the goal behind these is to recognise the changemakers in the industry who are either trying to be more eco-friendly or who are already at the top of the green lifestyle movement. They celebrate and promote people and brands who champion people, planet, and profit in equal measure within their work.

Rachel Fortune commented, “The ambition for the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards is to provide everyone a list of products and services at every price point to help anyone make better, more informed, as well as more beautiful choices.” I cannot agree more with her and I share her passion for sustainability, and her aversion to the ill effects of fast fashion too.

I think it’s an amazing idea that will bring together so many incredible brands that are each doing their bit in offering sustainable options. The judging panel includes industry professionals and sustainability experts from Harvey Nichols, Reve En Vert, TRAID, The Maiyet Collective, Feelunique, Anthropologie, The Restory and many more – including me! I’m not the only blogger on the judging panel, Besma Whayeb of Curiously Conscious, Alice Wilby and Bel Jacobs are also included (what an honour!)

I’m so excited to be included in the panel of judges who will be selecting winners from the following 21 categories, as I have been writing a lot more about sustainability for the past year and I’m thrilled to be involved in such an innovative idea to reward the industry for its efforts.

So many amazing new sustainable brands have cropped up over the recent years as well, and as Rachel Fortune said in the SLA press release, making sustainable choices is “no longer a nice thing to do” . Well said. It’s absolutely crucial we all start choosing to live more sustainably through the choices we make day-to-day. She goes onto explain “The awards have been established to help champion daily change.” It’s a great platform to elevate these companies, brands, and individuals who are paving the way for a more sustainable way of living. 

The 21 Categories

  • Accessory Brand
  • Activewear Brand
  • Beauty Brand
  • Brand of the Year
  • Children’s Brand
  • Content Creator of the Year
  • Fashion Brand
  • Footwear Brand
  • Gift & Lifestyle Brand
  • Homeware
  • Independent Store
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Jewellery Brand
  • Launch of the Year
  • Lingerie & Sleepwear Brand
  • Online Marketplace
  • Person of the Year
  • Restaurant of the Year
  • Skincare Brand
  • Vegan Brand
  • People’s Choice

I will be head-judging the Vegan Brand of the Year and co-judging the Skincare Brand of the Year, and I feel extremely lucky and honoured to be working with these, which are essentially my bread and butter and what I am most passionate about. My years of blogging have enabled me to try and test many different brands and regular followers of mine will know skincare is a particular passion, but vegan clothing is at the core of my content so I will try my best to judge in a non-biased, constructive way.

What are the judges looking for?

Earlier on July, I attended a judges meeting at Anthropologie in Regent Street, to brainstorm how to get people involved and any ideas on how to spread the word about the SLAs.

It was great to hear from fellow judges such as Alice Wilby, Bel Jacobs, Deb Bee, Maria Chenoweth, Tania McNab and others on what their ideas and thoughts were about sustainability, the UK parliament rejecting the MP proposals about making fashion more sustainable, the lack of access to information, climate justice and a lot more!

In terms of what I am looking for as a judge, I believe style is suprt important, but I would also consider anything that is inspiring or done differently. I think everyone is looking for that element that can make everyon feel included, as well as the environmental impact behind the product. Any donations to charities are always welcome too!

Want to join me as a judge? You can celebrate your favourite sustainable content creators, restauranteurs, fashion designers and more by contributing to the People’s Choice Award.

How do you enter the SLAs?

And if you have any questions, feel free to comment here or contact the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards directly. Winners will be announced on Wednesday 6th November 2019 and there is still time for entries, but these have to be submitted by Tuesday 1st October 2019. 

If you’re thinking about entering the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards, I’d recommend having a read of how the awards work, as well as the timelines for entering, and the prizes for each category.

Good luck!

With love,