The Ultimate Guide To French Vegan Shoes


Following my previous post on my Ultimate Guide of Vegan Italian Shoes, I decided to continue my adventure on splitting all the vegan shoe brands I know by country.  Italy, France… What next? Let me know which one you would like to see next! But for today we’re sticking with French, for a healthy dose of style and romanticism.

Keep on reading to find out the brands I have discovered!

If you’d like to find out more as to why I don’t wear leather or some leather alternatives, then click here or here.

By Blanch

By Blanch is a French vegan shoe company that has been with me from the very beginning. I went into the brand’s detail on this blog post, where I talked about the brand and a pair of boots I own since last year. Combining modern designs and highly sustainable materials, every pair of shoes from By Blanch is a worthwhile addition to your closet!

The Ultimate Guide To French Vegan Shoes

Minuit Sur Terre

Winner of the 2017 PETA France awards for ‘Best Vegan Shoes’, Minuit Sur Terre is a new brand that appeared on my radar last year. With a beautiful collection of casuals, these shoes have been created for the young woman that seeks for both comfort and timeless pieces for your every day. I go into detail about this brand right here as well.

The Ultimate Guide To French Vegan Shoes

The Ultimate Guide To French Vegan Shoes


This Paris-based brand is well-known for offering transparent, ethical and sustainable trainers, and they also carry a vegan section. I prefer the non-vegan styles in terms of aesthetics, but I hope that the vegan line will keep on growing for an effortless casual-chic look that is also cruelty-free!

The Ultimate Guide To French Vegan Shoes

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Another Paris-based brand, founded by Marion Hanania. I got to know them after seeing Emma Watson wearing the Samo trainers and the Biker Boots on her tour for the Beauty and the Beast movie. In 2015 Good Guys won the Fashion.Net Award for ‘Best Vegan Brand of 2015’  and the PETA Award for  ‘Best Stylish Casual Shoes’.

The Ultimate Guide To French Vegan Shoes


A cross-over between high fashion and conscious consumerism, this brand was started by a Belgian designer in Paris. Using natural materials such as stone, bark, natural rubber and cotton cellulose, all of the shoes are vegan and sustainably engineered.

Independent Fox

A very new brand that has only started in November 2017, we wish them best of luck with their minimalist shoes! According to their website, they are lightweight, impermeable, anti-bacterial and anti-odour. The upper and the lining are made from an extremely breathable microfibre, the outsole is made of thermoplastic rubber, the insole is made of memory foam, and the glue is free from all animal ingredients. They are also PETA approved. 

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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