The Ultimate Pair Of Vegan Boots You Need

The Ultimate Pair Of Vegan Boots

Vegan boots you say? Well, I wanted to talk to you about one of my absolutely favourite vegan brands out there with some of the most beautiful vegan shoes you’ll ever see: By Blanch.

About By Blanch

By Blanch was founded in 2014 by Mireia Blanch, a fellow Spaniard, vegan, French-enthusiast and also animal lover.

I have been admiring the brand ever since I went fully vegan, and needless to say that when she approached me for a collaboration, I rang her back to thank her personally. Maybe I thanked her too many times, but I was so happy to see she had an interest in my blog, just like I am excited when every single one of you come over and read my lengthy posts (thank you for sticking around by the way you lovely bunch!).

The company is based in Strasbourg, France – also home of the European Parliament by the way – but produced in Spain. By Blanch is quite popular in Europe: France, Germany, Italy and Belgium mostly. But they are also starting to become popular in the UK so go and spread some love by following them on social wherever it is that you’re reading this from!

The Ultimate Vegan Boots: Nightfall in Black

I had to choose the Nightfall boots in black, for a simple reason really: I live in the United Kingdom! Let’s face it, the sandals are gorgeous but I could only wear them for two weeks a year (one at best). This model is the best-seller by far, although the Offshore boots are also very popular.

Mireia is such a sweetheart and inspiring woman who founded her own company, in the belief that no animals have to suffer for human fashion. Finally, based on what she would wear she designs her models. 

How Are They Vegan?

How do they make the vegan shoes you say? With high quality synthetic leather made of polyurethane with a vegetable oil coating. Polyurethane feels very soft and looks like real leather, it is easy to clean and is also stain resistant. Using a highly sophisticated procedure, the polyurethane is made in sunny Italy. By Blanch also fully complies with the strictest of environmental protection standards (certified Ecolabel). The insoles are made with a micro-perforated material. Mireia designed her shoes this way so that the feet would breathe properly with an optimal air flow.

This material is possibly the most highly durable eco-friendly modern alternative to leather.

If you want to know why By Blanch or any vegan company doesn’t use any leather, read my article here.

Still unsure? Here is how to identify vegan shoes:


Make sure you only buy the shoes made from ‘Textile’ or ‘Other Materials’!

The Ultimate Pair Of Vegan Boots


The Ultimate Pair Of Vegan Boots


The Ultimate Pair Of Vegan Boots


The Ultimate Pair Of Vegan Boots

The Ultimate Pair Of Vegan Boots


Even though the company is relatively young, they are kicking some vegan butts already by having attended this year’s Veggie World in Paris and they are soon launching new models to the website, which will be available from September-October. I can’t wait!

And you? What is your favourite model? Go have a browse on their website and let me know what you think!







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