The Vegan Leather Bag That Is Better Than The Real Thing

The Vegan Leather Bag That Is Better Than The Real Thing

Hello to the vegan leather bag lovers! Let me introduce you to the vegan leather bag that is better than the real thing: the classic tote bag from the online boutique that is taking over your vegan closet: The Lovely Things.

Maybe you are vegetarian or vegan. And just because we hold onto ethical principles, does that mean we have to give up on fashionable clothes? No. Times have changed and you don’t have to buy unchic vegan stuff. So today I have to talk about a handbag that is not only chic but will complement your sexy hand! And who cares if it’s not leather if it’s stylish? 😉

About The Lovely Things

Though I talk about vegan shoes quite a bit (articles here and here), I also love vegan handbags (Am I right?)

I remember talking about them last year, when I first discovered the shop (hover here to read!). But enter again The Lovely Things! The company that is changing the vegan fashion landscape by offering affordable, stylish, cruelty-free fashion. None of their products contain leather, silk, wool or any animal-derived products. THIS IS HUGE, you guys. How many shops do you know that do this too? If you want to know how to shop vegan or why you should avoid leather, make sure you read my articles here and here!

I also have a list of vegan online stores to check out here.

The Vegan Leather Bag That Is Better Than The Real Thing

The Vegan Leather Bag That Is Better Than The Real Thing

The Vegan Leather Bag That Is Better Than The Real Thing

The Lovely Things are currently adding plenty of new models to their website, thus encouraging consumers to shop more consciously. I’m really looking forward to seeing more clothing items being added to the website, especially now that winter is approaching! Colours range from black, grey, burgundy and camel, with silver and gold wallets to complement any style.

The Classic Tote Bag

I have been loving my grey hold-all bag because I tend to carry a lot of things with me all the time. This one is perfect because I can put my laptop in it! As well as my purse; umbrella and lunch box 🙂 The bag is sturdy, comfortable and practical. It has a closing zipper which is perfect (for those like me who are always afraid we’re getting something stolen). The inside is lined  with another zippered pocket for our precious goodies, as well as two little keychain-sized pockets.

I am quite into minimalistic styles so I like the fact that this one goes with any outfit, especially in winter due to its grey colour.  The handles are very comfortable and the bag itself is not heavy at all (which is a massive plus for me!). The main component of the bag is polyurethane (find out the different kinds of vegan leather click here), making the bag super smooth and waterproof. What else do you need?

Find it here. RRP: £40.

In fact I would say that in this wonderful pluralistic world, plenty of brands are offering gorgeous alternatives. Check out this other articles to see some disrupting brands breaking into the vegan fashion world.









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