A Vegan Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Subscription Service: MOS Clothing

Now, this is a new one for me; a vegan, sustainable and ethical clothing subscription service, bringing you personalised style in a box! Beauty subscription boxes have been very popular for a while now. You may have seen I tried the Petit Vour Beauty box previously. A subscription box is a great way to find new products from brands you might not have heard of whilst also supporting cruelty-free and ethical businesses. To me, it makes perfect sense that a clothing subscription box should follow suit. Enter MOS Clothing the vegan, sustainable and ethical clothing subscription service.

So how does it work?

This short video will give you an idea of how it works. But I want to go into a little bit more detail as they have two different services. First up:

The Clothing Subscription Box 

Like many other types of subscription boxes, this is a monthly recurring service, whereby you receive 1-3 items a month – dependent on your subscription option – more on this later, of high-quality, vegan, sustainable and ethical items of clothing. 

Before you start receiving your items, you fill out a short survey, inputting details like height, dress size, shoe size, skin tone, etc. This is so they can personalise their suggestions and then every month you receive clothes and accessories that complement each other. If once a month doesn’t suit your requirements or budget, there is the option to stagger your box to every two or three months. There are two different price points, both have free shipping within Europe and you will always pay less than the retail price.

I was lucky enough to try the subscription box which included this beautiful classic black dress. It’s the perfect LBD made from organic cotton. The long zip running down the back gives it a unique edge. I love the simplicity of this dress. It’s classic shape and cut means I can add plenty of different accessories to style in many different ways. That’s the beauty of choosing capsule items, they can be worn in many different ways for many different occasions. 

The subscription service is a fantastic way to build a sustainable, ethical and vegan wardrobe over time. Imagine having your very own stylist sending you personally selected items to suit your individual style, how amazing would that be? You don’t always get to see what you’re receiving beforehand, which I think is pretty cool and exciting! If there is an item that you’re not keen on, you’re able to return anything you don’t like within 30 days. 

Capsule Wardrobe

Next up, is the Capsule Wardrobe service. This is for when you may have an immediate need for new outfits; relocation to a new country with a different climate for example, or you’ve started a new job and you require a style update. The Capsule Wardrobe option is ideal for these types of situations, so whatever the need, MOS has got you covered with this service. Think of it as your personal, fashion consultant. They will source individual items from the best ethical brands to find the right look for you. The selection will be unique to fit your lifestyle, body type and personality. Once they’ve found suitable items, you receive a personal guide on how to style said items and links so you can purchase them at your leisure. So with this option, you do not receive physical items, you’re paying for the service of finding the outfits and a guide on how to wear them.

They sent me a fantastic, personalised capsule wardrobe, featuring ten, fully interchangeable outfits. I will be sure to use those whenever I look for sharper looks for meetings or even when I need new, high quality staples in my wardrobe!

This lovely capsule was made for me for example, I would wear everything!

I would say this service is ideal for those with busy lives and who need a little guidance putting their outfits together. I think I can speak for the entire female population, that we can all relate to those days when we stare blankly at our wardrobes and just haven’t got a clue what to wear. If you’re doing this more often than not, then I really recommend this option!

The big three…

Vegan? Ethical? Sustainable? MOS ticks all three boxes. Every item you receive in your MOS subscription box is made in Italy by vegan and sustainable slow fashion brands. Personally, when I am buying anything new these are my top three priorities in terms of ethics, and it’s not just a subsection of consumers wanting to spend more consciously. This article published in i-D shows that interest in sustainable fashion is on the rise, with customers now asking questions about how their clothes are made.  This is great news for the planet, animals and also the economy by supporting smaller businesses. However, knowing where to start can be overwhelming for the new ethical shopper…! The ease MOS offers will make the curating of an ethical and sustainable wardrobe simple and exciting! 

A shift in mindset…

Buying second-hand or vintage is obviously a great way to shop more sustainably, but that takes time and dedication which some people just don’t have. Also, trawling through rails of clothes, second-hand or new is just simply not enjoyable for everyone. It’s a dilemma many women face; love looking put together and stylish, hate shopping. I love that MOS bring a higher consciousness to shopping and style. The immediacy of fast fashion is the very crux of the problem. If you want a new dress for a party tomorrow, visit any of the main fast-fashion online stores and you can have that new dress by tomorrow. Not only is this awful for the environment, but it also feeds the I-want-it now culture. Where is the appreciation for the clothes you already own? It’s not there. MOS Clothing does more than deliver vegan, sustainable and ethical products to you, it breeds a culture of appreciation, bringing a more mindful approach to shopping, which I love and I am all about in this blog.

By subscribing to either of their services, you are choosing slow fashion over fast fashion whilst also keeping your wardrobe up-to-date and stylish. I really challenge the idea that you have to choose between stylish or sustainable. You absolutely can be both and MOS are here to help you achieve this.

And you? Have you ever tried a clothing subscription service? What do you think of MOS?






With love,

This is a paid partnership with MOS Clothing

Photography by Alexa Mitiner