Why You Should Use A Vegan Exfoliator

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Hope you’re all doing well. Today I have a vegan beauty post about exfoliating your beautiful skin. But then I realised, why don’t I just talk about the benefits of exfoliating with a vegan and natural exfoliator? So many of you ask me about my skincare and haircare routines so I will try to include these more. 

Funnily enough, I worked in the beauty industry for a bit less than a year. I know my ingredients, and my compositions. And what is more, I even bought a book on how to make my own cosmetics and I really enjoy clean and green beauty.

I am a huge addict of Börlind’s eyebrow pencil and I have been introduced to this vegan Exfoliating Peel by the lovely Rebecca in the Börlind’s PR team, and so decided to write about 10 reasons why you should use a vegan exfoliator. 


  • The exfoliating beads: Many conventional exfoliators use non-biodegradable beads and oftentimes contain harsh toxins and chemicals that will damage your skin. Exfoliating beads are oftentimes made from plastic that damage the environment. By choosing a natural vegan exfoliator you will first of all reduce your carbon footprint and will be satisfied by choosing an environmentally sound product.


  • The beeswax: You can use other types of natural ingredients that will contain beneficial vitamins that will hydrate your skin and protect it against cellular damage whilst leaving the bees alone. It’s important to think on the impact we have in the world so choose an exfoliator that is cruelty and animal-free.


  • The nasty stuff: Parabens, sulfates, petroleum, phtalates, silicons, artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals dry out your skin and ultimately you will be thankful for being purified with skin-friendly ingredients. Plus you will avoid allergic reactions!


Annemarie Börlind believes in discovering the true potential of nature. For almost sixty years they have been using state of the art research and innovation to develop natural, effective beauty products. Annemarie Börlind’s products are sustainably sourced and only use plant extracts from certified organic farming. They are free from animal extracts and mineral oil derivatives. Furthermore, all of the products are 100% vegetarian (which is already great), without genetically modified plants, no synthetic colourings, no parabens and no silicons. In fact, I wrote an entire blog post on toxins to avoid in skincare right here.
Containing natural and biodegradable jojoba wax beads, this vegan cream exfoliator mainly removes dead skin cells. But exfoliating also smoothes, refines pores and regulates sebum production. The aim of this exfoliating peel is to leave the skin looking and feeling more balanced and even-toned. Thanks to organic shea butter, sourced from Berlin’s charity project in Mali, it also nourishes the skin.
I tried the exfoliating peel on a pamper session. I LOVED it! It has a lovely coconut smell, it’s blue and the jojoba beads do not harm the skin at all. In fact, I have quite sensitive skin so I hate using any kind of exfoliator that is going to irritate my skin. If you do not have an exfoliator, get this one. You have to exfoliate on a regular basis, is so that you remove dead skin cells and thus activate your cell renewal. This will make you skin looking smoother, clearer and more radiant.
Finally, as part of Börlind’s commitment to supporting fair trade initiatives worldwide, Anne-Marie and her team work wth suppliers in Mali to create a fair and sustainable livelihood for local families in the region! RRP: £18.90.


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